Plexiglass/Lexan Restoration

Severe occlusion

Fixing the problem...

Clarity restored!

There is a process Central Window Cleaning perfected in restoring Plexiglass barriers. Usually, the "Bandit Barrer" (the partition between the customer and the teller) takes a lot of abuse and scratches occlude the view of the customer.

We specialize in the restoration of Bank 'Bandit Barriers'- the plexiglass or Lexan barriers that separate customers from the bank tellers. Our specialty is scratch removal due to regular wear and tear, vandalism, and scratches from the improper removal of tape from the plastic surfaces. Although some companies are able to clean Lexan and Plexiglass, we are the only company using a specialized process to actually REMOVE SCRATCHES from the surface returning transparency.

We are a highly cost-effective alternative to replacement. Additionally, you deal with us directly. We do not pass the work along to subcontractors (after all, this is a skilled procedure) thus saving you money. Contact us and we will get back to you with an estimate based on the depth and severity of the damage. Is it inexpensive? No. But with the approximate replacement cost of a 4' x 3' sheet of shatterproof/bulletproof GE Lexan going for over $4000, plus installation charges (and this is just one station), our system can save your business a lot of money!

Please pass along this information to your branch managers. We can greatly improve the appearance of your banks as well as the customer/teller interface. We will gladly offer a demonstration to the branch manager showing the great results.

Contact us at 516-795-2018 or E-Mail Just put "Plexiglass Restoration" in the subject heading so we do not accidentally disgard it as junk mail.